The new NC3240S


The first NEC 4K cinema projector and integrated media block

NEC Display Solutions announces the new NC3240S, a 4K DLP cinema projector, with a 2K/4K Integrated Media Block (IMB) and Local Storage Server. NEC is the only manufacturer in the market to offer a DLP cinema projector/server solution developed completely in-house. The NC3240S delivers extremely high reliability with a low running operational cost, achieved through its unique dual-airflow design and easy maintenance with a user-friendly interface.

The NC3240S cinema projector provides a brightness of 31,000 lumens and can project exceptionally brilliant images up to a maximum screen width of 32 metres. Equipped with the new 1.38” 4K DLP Cinema Chip from Texas Instruments, the projector meets all the specifications compliant to the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI).

Users benefit from the fact that the cinema projector is especially easy to use and to maintain. For example, the modular design makes it very easy to replace components, resulting in minimal downtime. The NC3240S also has an innovative self-diagnosis function, a simple network updating and management function to ensure trouble-free operations with a low TCO (total cost of ownership). The projector features the world’s only dual-airflow design and innovative filtering to give it optimum protection from contamination through dust and oil. The airflow to cool the system is completely separate from the lamp cooling unit, thus further increasing the service life.

The powerful 7 KW version of the cinema projector will be available from the beginning of 2011 together with a 4 KW variant for smaller screens. In addition, NEC will be offering a convenient 4K upgrade option for its current NC3200S 2K model, which will be in the future also available in a 4 KW variant for smaller screens.

“The NC3240S provides our customers with the greatest possible quality and reliability due to low running costs and high usability,” explains Gerd Kaiser, Product Line Manager Large Venue Projectors at NEC Display Solutions. “NEC is the only manufacturer in the market to offer customers a complete DLP cinema solution from one single source.”